Top Brain Abacus offers an exceptional Mental Maths Program that unlocks your child's potential and empowers them to excel in mental arithmetic. This program is a valuable asset for children as it not only teaches mental math but also stimulates the utilization of both the left and right brain through abacus visualization. Abacus mathematics provides children with a straightforward, effective, and rapid method to master mental arithmetic.

We use Japanese abacus and visualisation skills to improve your child’s capacity to do mathematical problems and at the same time improves your child’s memory, listening, concentration, observation imagination, reasoning, visualisation, confidence and mental calculations.

Our Approach:

Our abacus classes offer a specialized course that is proven as a “Complete Brain Development Program” for children aged 5–13 years. We at Top Brain work in accordance with child’s psychology and understand the importance of play in a child’s life and implement playful methods in our classes, so as to make their experience joyful and memorable translating into effective learning. You will see amazing improvements in all of your child’s school subjects in a short time.

Most of the people are unaware about the benefits associated with abacus course for children. This course will ensure an increase in speed of the arithmetic calculations with accurate results apart from that Top Brain Abacus does lot more to children at an early age. It develops an ability to utilize the left and right brain functions simultaneously.



Sky is a limit


Maximum utilization


Activate other areas


Increase capabilities


Early Stage
  • Suitable for younger kids aged 5 to 6yrs
  • Duration:3-4 months.
  • Single level programme.
  • Colourful abacus tool.
  • Specially tailored pictorial workbooks.
  • Continuous feedback
Junior Stage
  • 6 levels programme.
  • Duration: 3 to 4 months for each level.
  • Suitable for kids aged 6 to 12 yrs.
  • Designed unique series of workbooks for each level.
  • Assessment at the end of each level.
  • Continuous feedback

Within our program, we impart children with the skills to manipulate abacus beads across the range of numbers from 1 to 10 million. We gradually introduce them to performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations using the abacus as a tool. Simultaneously, we nurture their ability to mentally visualize the intricate dance of these beads, fostering the mental imagery required to calculate using the four fundamental arithmetic operations. Our teaching methodology is centered on group instruction while ensuring individualized attention for each child.

Additionally, our students benefit from ample practice through the provided workbooks. This practice not only prepares them comprehensively but also readies them for various assessments, including the 11+ entrance exams, National SAT exams, and secondary school mathematics curriculum. This program serves as an exceptional catalyst for instilling confidence in your child's mathematical abilities. It's worth noting that substantial progress can be achieved through daily at-home practice, with a recommended minimum of 10 minutes per day.

The Top Brain Abacus program is thoughtfully structured into two distinct stages: "Early Stage" and "Junior Stage".

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